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Katrina.. thank you … What you do quite quickly uncovers that which has been hidden, that no longer serves a person… and in the uncovering you take people to the next stage of release just as effectively.

– Mark

It’s amazing how quickly she uncovered the truths of it all by watching my hand signals

– Kylie

Katrina was able to quickly and intuitively diagnose the root cause of my situation, and offer both practical and spiritual solutions.  At all times I felt a genuine warmth and compassion from Katrina, backed by a solid intellect and perceptive presence.  I would recommend Katrina to anyone seeking fresh and effective ways forward from their current challenges!

– Peter, Robertson

Katrina is science and magic. She is incurably wise, playful and fun. She brings me joy and rattles my cage in the most delicious way. I love the way she addles my mind with new paradigms…

– Kim, Sutherland Shire